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    Admin Rules


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    Admin Rules

    Post  s0mething on Thu Feb 23, 2012 7:04 pm

    pHk Admin Rules

    Admin terms of agreement

    •As an admin, you are required to be at least somewhat active. This means that you must check the forums daily in-case you've been reported by players. Why? Because, you must post proof that the person you banned was hacking OR disrespecting , if yonot, you will be punished.

    •As an admin, you are expected to have a certain level of maturity, and respect for staff members , fellow admin and Clan members, and always have.


    1. No hacking . Any kind of hacks will be tolerated, this will result in a permanent ban in all servers and kick from the pHk.

    2. No admin abuse . You will receive a few warnings and after that your admin will be removed.

    3. Hackers should be recorded before ban and the demo should be uploaded & posted at the forum. If you don't record him and he makes an unban appeal he will get his ban lifted due to no proofs.

    4. Never mess up with the cvars or you will be punished .

    5. Respect the higher admins . If you disobey any higher admin. You will suffer a punishment after staff review.

    6. It is stictly forbbiden to use any commands on other pHk admin/member . Your admin can be removed if a screenshot is provided.

    7. No advertising of any kind will be allowed . Only pHk servers/forum IPs and link can be advertised. If caught advertising, your admin will be removed or suspended.

    8. AFK ( Away From Keyboard ) players should be kicked if the server is full to leave slots to other players enter the server. This rule applys to Spectators too.

    9. Do not kick or ban any other pHk admin/member without superior orders.

    10. ]in that votationDo not change map without making a vote( the map you are playing should be in).

    11. If you believe someone is hacking make sure you spectate the suspicious player, for 3+ rounds If you still not sure about banning the player contact another available admin to spectate the player.

    12. Be respectful , friendly and fair to all players on the server . Remember , skills doesn't matter here.

    13. Try to be active at every pHk servers where you are admin at.

    14. DO NOT unban a player that has been considered a "hacker" or considered as permanently banned from pHk by any other reasons.

    15. DO NOT Do not issue amx commands on admins. (Ban, unban, slap.. etc.)


    •As an admin, you are required to wear pHk tag infront your name + forum name .. example = pHk Vibrations during you play in our servers. Except Owners/Staffs/Manager . pHk tag is NOT to be modified!

    * Slap
    -Camping - If a camper refuses to obey a warning issued by admin, the admin is allowed to slap ( once or twice ) the player that camps.
    -Glitch camping -If a player is camping in a glitch the admin is allowed to slap that player (once or twice).
    Never issue the slap command more then once or twice in a single situation as stated above. No fun stuff like continuous spaming the slap command in console. Nothing of that manner as it will be taken as abuse, and actions will be taken to punish that admin.

    * Slay
    -Camping -If a camper refuses to obey a warning issued by admin, the admin is allowed to slay the player that camps and/or not doing his job thus disregarded the warning.
    -Camping in glitches -is also a situation where the command IS allowed, because glitch camping gives unfair advantage.
    -Skywalking -is also a situation where the command IS allowed, as skywalking is not allowed anymore.

    * Kick -
    -Camping -If a camper disregards warnings issued by admin, the admin is allowed to Kick the player that excessively camps and isn't doing his job as per server rules.
    -Camping in glitches -If a glitch-camper keeps disregarding warnings, admin is allowed to kick that player.
    -Skywalking -If a skywalker keeps disregarding warnings, admin is allowed to kick/slay that player.

    •All bans must have legitimate reason. No more funny stuff. Appropriate/legitimate reason means that no insulting or offensive language is involved, and ban reason includes the actual reason of the ban. Example: "Wallhack", "SpeedHack" , "Aimbot" , "Aimbot+Wallhacker" ," Spec Glitch", "Spam, please fix it", "IP changer." , "Banned Before"

    •The Rules that are to be followed by the community do not apply to Owners and Managers. They act how they see fit in a given situation even if it means stepping outside of the rules that they have created. So dont bother making complaints about Owners or Manager breaking any rules.

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