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    Forum and Server Rules


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    Forum and Server Rules

    Post  s0mething on Thu Feb 23, 2012 7:07 pm

    •No posting obscene, or pornographic images.
    •No racism.
    •No raging.
    •No trolling.
    •No spamming.
    •No advertising.
    •No passive aggressive trolling.
    •No disrespecting staff.
    •No duplicate accounts.
    •No double posting.
    •No bumping old threads
    •Must following directions from Staff+

    Every single player, member or admin has to follow this rules above and this rules apply to every servers.

    1. No hacking of any kind (as scripts, mods, etc..) will be allowed.
    2. No flooding/spamming (mic and chat) in any server).
    3. No insults to other players will be allowed.
    4. No racist or abusive language will be tolerated.
    5. No excessive camping.
    6. No hostage killing.


    1. Changing IP or switching to a different Steam Accounts to bypass a ban will result in a Permanent ban.

    2. If a player is using green text it will be considered as impersonating an admin and a warning will be issued. If the warning is ignored, the admin is allowed to punish the player with a ban.

    3. People that have, during a spectator glitch, a suspicious score or a suspicious gameplay should be banned for 5 minutes with a reason like this for - spec glitch, please restart your pc. (Do not ban everysingle player who has a spectator glitch)

    4. Impersonating any member , admin , or staff , or by any means stealing their tag, will result in... - using amx_nick and change their name to something like "" or "Painkillers".

    5.Going AFK during matchplay will result in... - A Kick.

    6.Abusing or harassing other players or admins will result in ... - A Kick . Persisting will be ban for 1 hour as consideration of an admin .

    7.Grenade Spamming, this means continuously throwing either/any of the grenades such as HE, Flash, and Smoke causing harassment to other team-mates will result in... - 15 Minute ban.

    8. Camping in glitches is NOT allowed, as it gives unfair advantage to the camper over the rest of the players. (Example - just above the tunnel at bombsite B on de_dust2).Any player that decides to go against this server rule or admins warning will be punished accordingly, with slay/kick issued by the respected admins that are present on the server.

    9. Spamming radio commands for example Affirmative, Need Backup! Or Sector Clear will result in... - No action taken.

    10. Ghosting/LANing/Screening by having someone who is dead telling a person who is alive where everyone is on the map that gives an unfair advantage and after a couple of warnings by an admin will result in... - A Kick to the ghosters.

    11. Other Communities and their members you are to treat them and their staff as profession and with respect. Do not go into other communities causing problems or you will be punished and immediate action will be taken

    12. All members and admins are not allowed to post comments in Application For Admin & Staff sections of the forums. Only Staff+ may create threads and post comments. Admins - 1 day suspension from admin / Members 1 hour ban from forums. Repeated offenses punishment will be greater

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